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In Slab Heating

Inslab heating provides a gentle background warmth polished or coloured concrete floors.


Warmtech wood floor heating system is the perfect solution for laminate and floating timber floor finishes. Specially designed with an output of 100W/m² these kits provide an economic luxurious warmth to your wood floor spaces.

  • Pre-configured element mounted on a self-adhesive tape
  • A thin heating element which does not affect floor levels
  • Factory terminated single cold tail power lead 3m long
  • Element & cold tail connections are fully earthed & waterproof
  • Self-adhesive fibreglass mesh 500mm wide
  • AE-SS installation monitor (element alarm/tester) with batteries
  • Easy installation, no special tools required
  • Installation guidelines
  • Technical & installation support (telephone and/or email)
  • Durable & reliable
  • 2 Year Warranty on heating element


Brief Installation Process

Warmtech heaters installed under engineered/natural timber, vinyl or laminate must be placed on top of the concrete slab or timber subfloor.

In 99% of situations, a 10-15mm sand cement screed or liquid leveller needs to be laid over the heater so there is a medium between the heating element & the flooring.

It is extremely important to install the floor sensor in the heated area as the thermostat needs to be set to restrict the maximum floor temperature reach as specified by the manufacturer (normally 27oC). This cannot be done if the floor sensor is not installed in the heated floor area.

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